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CLiME Releases 2017 Annual Report

CLiME 2017 Annual Report Highlights

Download the full report below.

This year was one of decisive forward momentum for CLiME.  We advanced our interdisciplinary framework for public scholarship on issues of metropolitan equity through the following programmatic highlights:


  • The Trauma, Schools and Poverty Project (TSP)
    This project, established the previous year by a seed grant from the Rutgers University-Newark Chancellor’s Office, seeks to understand the relationships between structural inequality and the pervasive experience of complex psychological stress and trauma. CLiME satisfied the goals set out by the original grant, culminating in a national conference held May 5th that has been the catalyst for new partnerships across disciplines and increased public awareness.

  • Equitable Growth—Newark
    This year CLiME commenced engagement on a University-wide to project to study equitable growth strategies with the City of Newark. Our involvement includes conducting original research and acting as coordinator for the working group, comprised of diverse schools and disciplines within Rutgers University-Newark.

  • Fellowship
    The Equity + Opportunity Fellowship, now in its third and final year, has provided interdisciplinary sessions to student scholars, infusing their traditional education with a critical understanding of issues of equity. The current Fellow Jennifer McGee-Avila is a doctoral student with concentration in Urban Health at Rutgers School of Nursing Health.

  • Scholarship
    CLiME’s ongoing commitment to public scholarship was advanced through publications from both seasoned and emerging scholars. We grew our body of original work significantly with 15 new papers, including two legal memos, a comprehensive literature review and a full-length legal analysis by CLiME Director David Troutt.

  • Staffing
    The past year saw the hiring of Senior Researcher, Cristina Garmendia, Equity + Opportunity Studies Fellow Jennifer McGee-Avila and Communications Consultant Tara Marlowe.

  • Communications
    CLiME has implemented an improved communications strategy, which saw impressive results over the past year through increased reach, frequency and integration across media platforms.