Researching Public Law and Public Policy in the Public Interest

Equity & Opportunity Studies Fellowship, 2016-2017

The Equity and Opportunity Studies Fellowship at the Rutgers Law School Center on Law, Inequality & Metropolitan Equity (CliME) aims to promote interdisciplinary study and serious public scholarship about the structure of place-based inequality.  This broad subject includes institutional analyses (e.g., education, housing, public health, infrastructure, social services) of how racial and economic inequality is reproduced, sustaining geographies of relative opportunity across our region and beyond.  It is open to all students at Rutgers School of Law-Newark and the Graduate School-Newark.


This is a one-year fellowship open to law students and graduate students who seek to publish an interdisciplinary research paper on issues related to equity and opportunity in the Greater Rutgers region of Northern New Jersey.  While separate from students’ degree requirements, the Fellowship will afford opportunities to explore one’s substantive interests with the support and consultation of faculty from other Rutgers departments, as well as to develop one’s writing skills in publicly engaged scholarship.

This is a selective program intended to support a very limited number of students who are highly motivated and committed to public scholarship.  The Fellows will be provided stipends totaling $2,000 each for participation in the program.


Fall 2016: Upon acceptance into the program, Fellows will meet with CliME staff in the fall semester to refine their research topics and understandings of equity and opportunity in Northern New Jersey.  Support with research design and writing is available as needed.

Spring 2017: Fellows will take the interdisciplinary course “Race, Class, and Metropolitan Equity”, offered at the Rutgers School of Law- Newark and taught by CLiME director, law professor David Troutt.  The course will contribute to Fellows’ practical and theoretical understandings of structural inequality and the remedial strategies associated with metropolitan equity.  The class will also offer Fellows a platform for developing their fellowship papers. 

Fellowship Paper: Fellows will complete a publishable paper on the topic of their choosing, as it relates to structural inequality, preferably with an emphasis on Northern New Jersey.  The paper must be no less than 25 pages, and will be written under the guidance of a Fellowship advisor of each Fellow’s choosing.  The Fellowship meetings and course requirement are intended to support Fellows through the development of their papers.  The completed fellowship papers will be published on the CLiME website, and Fellows will be assisted in efforts to publish their work in other formal and informal academic journals, periodicals and news outlets.


Applications can be sent to and should include the following three items:

1. Cover letter addressing the following three items: (1) your past field research experience, (2) your future plans for after your degree completion, and how the Fellowship will help you to meet your goals, and (3) your research interests for the Fellowship paper topic on structural, place-based inequality in Northern New Jersey;

2. Current CV;

3. Writing sample demonstrating your ability to produce publishable work on the topic of structural inequality.

The Fellowship Application is due on Monday, October 3rd, 2016 at 5:00 pm.