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Equity & Opportunity Studies Fellowship Updates

Workshopping public scholarship with our Fellows

Our 2015-2016 Equity and Opportunity Studies Fellows have spent the Spring semester completing coursework with Prof. Troutt and advancing their qualitative research projects that span an array of issues in place-based inequality and opportunity, including the topics of Diverse and Inclusive, Moderate-Income municipalities (DIMIs) to accompany the ongoing work by David Ruske and David Troutt; investigation into the impact of state takeover in troubled cities, including Camden and Atlantic City; interrogation of the theoretical benefits of localism in two affluent New Jersey suburbs; and inquiries in public health, toxic stress, and other related issues.

In April, we hosted an intensive Fellowship workshop on Writing Public Scholarship that asked Fellows to consider the difference between writing for the academy, and writing for the public. Facilitated by CLiME Writing Instructor Erica Tom, Fellows analyzed academic and public scholarship by Matthew Desmond to ascertain the different writing styles and stylistic devices used to convey similar information to different audiences. Playing on emotion, creating colorful characters, and utilizing simpler syntax were key takeaways as we at CLiME continue to develop refined strategies for making research and scholarship accessible to all.